Things We Don't Talk About Anymore

by Feral Moan

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sshelbyy a rare flavor of bedroom pop; robust and vicious. r.i.p. (recover in peace) d. rose :') Favorite track: The Injury Status of Derrick Rose.
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released February 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Feral Moan Flagstaff, Arizona

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Track Name: Chewing Gum in Class
when you feel my hand
feel warmth and don't feel scared
trust that i've got a plan
it's not made up
it's something substantial
outside of your grasp
the ends that you cannot see
or touch
or hold
to you its unpolished and lazy
it's just as dumb calling something crazy.
when you're out to eat
the food you default to is sweet
and dull
and cold
hands folded neat by your knees
your plate
your teeth
one's clean
and one is empty
we're living unaware in times of plenty.
Track Name: Cher's Still Alive?
take him on a drive dear,
don't turn around
dig a hole plenty deep
he'll never be found.
but bones they always turn up
it's inevitably true
especially when you forget to untie their shoes.
but i'm an amateur,
i've only skied twice.
you're telling after all,
Cher's still alive?
Track Name: A Ghost Story
he swears he was visited from another world
a rocking chair that rocked incessantly.
didn't call it a ghost
couldn't call it a spirit
just a shadow that moved.
The room was blue
it was a color he knew
a sweat stained shirt that his father wore
the immaterial
to reveal
where i am poor.
Track Name: Honda Minitrail
when i was young
i had this honda mini trail
i'd ride it down mason's knob
to get my family's mail
it was the same hill i hiked
behind an ill tempered dad
after the hockey game
it snowed, and our hands were fill with grocery bags
i walked past the pond where you taught me to skate
that same road i partied on while mom was away

things we don't talk about anymore.

remember the day you took the neighbors dog some food
he stormed down the hill is underwear and untied boots
he stomped, screamed, swore and waived his fist.
and he said what you did wasn't generous!
it was a slight
it was insulting to my work ethic
and as you bit your lip (and he threw his fit)
i remember thinking "i wish i wasn't a kid."
so i could've come to your defense

things we don't talk about anymore.

you moved to this city
but you still weren't sober.
you slept on our couch for a week
and drank your soda.
then you got a room
at that one hotel
the one where i beat on the door
livid and pale
because i had come to understand
the state of your despair
and the words that followed
were the most that we'd ever share.
Track Name: Fast Times
drive, drive
as fast as you can
the moon is in the sky
and the money$ in the sand
your boots on the pedal
and a pistol in your hand
the trailer's in 300 yards, hotel's where you'll camp.

kiss your girlfriend on the forehead
but you tell her she's not safe
"they're coming like wolves for an
injured dear,
do you get the picture,
that i'm trying to paint?"

headlights in the distance
the devil's in that car.
an appetite, a sharpened knife, a chasm
for a heart.

if i were you,
i would just stay inside.
if i were you
i would just play it cool.

his killing is impeccable
and his timing is always
a surprise.
Track Name: Feelz Like Facebook (or Just Be Silly)
when i held my first guitar,
i never thought that i would write a melody
when i held my first pencil,
i never though that i'd draw anything pretty.
but now that i've tried real, real hard
i've learned that it's best to be silly.

because, sometimes things they don't turn out like you thought they would.
Track Name: Forgetting
i go to all the colleges
and i got mother's eyes
i got achy teeth
i look out for father's pride.

it was a hungry fire
he was a thirsty boy.

mother raised me
my father showed me the stigmas of men.
(although,) his anger still comes out
in the sweat on my skin.
Track Name: Epcot
if epoch's a history museum
then all the movies are all worth seeing
math formulas worthy of believing
success is worthy of achieving.

then i don't want to be on this earth
i would like to be buried in this dirt
no showers,
just wear my phoenix suns tee shirt.

if exercise will make you look younger
and complex question make you wonder,
if a thief's only aim is to plunder
i feel like i've been gone all summer.
Track Name: The Injury Status of Derrick Rose
we've all got minds
and windows through which we perceive
things that are ours,
things that are hard,
things we don't know if to believe.
sometime the things that we see,
we're unable to agree on.
like whether we are free,
or should we have just left objectivity in the twentieth century?
i wonder if we are free
if organic meat is the best thing to put into my body
we're individuals
and we wear different clothes
yet, were conformists
obsessed with our tv shows
and the injury status of derrick rose.